Wedding at Crystal Ballroom in Daytona Beach


Wedding at Crystal Ballroom in Daytona Beach

The wedding at Crystal Ballroom in Daytona Beach Fl for Linda and Shooby was such an elegant and exciting event to be a part of. The energy and the emotions were so wonderful and heartfelt to experience. I had not been able to meet with Linda and Shooby before their wedding but I had spoke on the phone with Linda several times and it was a pleasure to understand her and what she wanted for her wedding day. She had told me about having a band play and I thought well that is going to be a real treat for this wedding, and boy was it ever. But before I go there let me backup to the beginning a little. Every guest at their wedding was so friendly and had a strong vibe for family. When I was in the dressing room with Linda taking her getting ready photos, I also felt so a part of their lives. I usually end up putting my camera down at some point and help the bride get her dress on or button her up. This time I got to help put on a almost 10 foot train. I had never experienced that before! Attaching a train of such to a wedding dress is certainly not for the weak, It took about three of us to attach it, and boy did it look incredible once she came walking down the aisle to meet her groom. Now I didn’t quite understand the words being spoken during the ceremony because it was of a Haitian culture. But nonetheless, I could still read the body language and facial expressions from Linda and Shooby.

There was some amazing energy.

After their ceremony we were a little behind on time we made some magical photos happen for the bridal party and the creative bridal portraits. The night views on the Halifax are magical when the sun goes down. But the real fun started when they were introduced as husband and wife. Every guest was standing at the doors they entered through to greet them with Haitian flags and tons of energy. Every bridal party member entered in a neat slow dance movement and when the bride and groom entered the room, the energy was intense. I wish I could give you an idea of how much energy was flowing in that room. If anyone knows me, I am all about picking up on some energy. The music even had me wanting to dance. Even the food that had been prepared was amazing. I wish I could have stayed all night to party with them but I know they had the time of their lives! I wish them so much happiness and love for the rest of their lives!

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