Large Family Beach Session In Ormond-By-The-Sea


Large Family Beach Session In Ormond-By-The-Sea.

I loved shooting this Large Family Session in Ormond-by-the-sea. If you have a big family vacation planned, getting a photographer to do a session is the best thing you can do for your family. When I met with the Leech family it was a fun surprise to see they whole gang was there. The grandparents, parents, couples, fiance, and the grandbaby! A large family session goes by rather quickly so I try my best to make use of the time we have. I encourage everyone to trust me that I know it may seem silly for them to act like I am not there and to not pose for my camera. It delights me when they are excited to hear that I want them to run like the wind towards the ocean and then turn around and run towards me. It tickles the whole gang everytime.

A few tricks that I have learned when it comes to posing large groups, (and I have my fellow colleague to thank for this) is to think of everyone as a musical note in a song. Some notes go from high to low and low to low and middle to middle. Posing like this makes portraits of large groups so much fun. I highly encourage you to hire a local photographer of where you plan to vacation. You never know when or how long it will be until you capture your family together again. Ormond-by-the-sea is a great vacation spot anytime of year.

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