Family Summer Photo Session in Ormond Beach


Family Summer Photo Session in Ormond Beach.

Take a look at this family summer photo session which was absolutely magical. I must say though that I am quite blessed to be graced with such beautiful weather and gorgeous sunsets. It really is a breath of fresh air to be apart of the ocean and keepsaking family memories at the same time.

This family was a such a joy to work with.

We laughed and joked a lot and it’s always my pleasure to make families smile and laugh. I love that moment that there really is no idea how their photoshoot with me is going to work exactly yet they are up for whatever. It’s the evening sun that helps set this mood. The nostalgic feeling of the sun to be setting soon and the shore line getting closer and closer and the tide starts to close in for the evening. This lovely family was also celebrating a birthday for grandfather and the photoshoot was a gift. What a lovely way to gift someone. Seriously, I mean yea gadgets and money are great. But what is also great is being able to keepsake a memory in history which can’t be replaced such as objects and money.

I know this blog may seem a little more sentimental than my usual posts, however I think these words need to be said the most to remind us that memories are just a place in time to bookmark an event we might not remember if it weren’t for a photograph or a video. I encourage everyone to hold onto the memories that you make with your loved ones. Whether it be a family photoshoot, a video clip or even a note. I promise you won’t regret it. And a trip to the beach does everyone some good! Especially when the weather is perfect.


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