Elegant Engagement Session at Historic Downtown St. Augustine


Elegant Engagement Session at Historic Downtown St. Augustine.

An Elegant Engagement Session at Historic Downtown St. Augustine is everything you must see for Stephanie and Rob! This was a session even included the little ones who were dressed in the most adorable outfits! They asked for me to meet them in front of the Casa Monica Hotel which was where Rob proposed to Stephanie! I just love the dress that Stephanie wore. It was a navy blue gown, fit for a queen. I asked them how these two lovely souls met and they told me through an online dating company. Believe it or not, most of my couples have met through an online dating company or an app! It is wonderful when I meet these couples because it gives me the hope that two souls are going to be destined no matter what.

in the beginning of our session we managed to get the kiddos to pose for us in a few photos. Stephanie and Rob are combining their families and the little ones are so cute together! After the shots we took with the kids we took advantage of the college across the street. Flagler college is this amazing historical building with this gorgeous courtyard. On most given days you can find a handful of other photographers and clients taking advantage of the beautiful scenery for a photoshoot. I absolutely loved having the privilege of photographing inside such a lovely historical spot. One of my favorite moments of this session was how Rob held onto Stephanie’s purse. I think a man who is totally willing to hold a woman’s hand purse is one of a kind. I am super excited about their wedding next February at the White Room in St. Augustine. It will be my first wedding at the venue! I wish Stephanie and Rob a huge congratulations on their engagement!

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