Downtown Historic St. Augustine Wedding


Downtown Historic St. Augustine Wedding

Let’s take a stroll in Downtown Historic St. Augustine to see this lovely Wedding for Keeyana and Rolando. They are the sweetest and most adorable couple ever! I had such a relaxing day with Keeyana and Rolando because they had a small low key wedding at their church, the St. Paul AME Church. The church is a historic building in the heart of St. Augustine so it was a really unique feel. I love love love the cathedral lighting in old churches. The reception took place at the church which everything took place in the daytime. The food was prepared by a church member and let me tell you how yummy it was! I have had a lot of wedding meals but this one took the cake! The chicken practically melted off the bone and the rice was so savory! If you do anything good for your wedding day, please let having a good meal be one of them!

After the wedding was over we headed down to Downtown Historic St. Augustine to do their bridal portraits. It was such a relief to not feel rushed while photographing them for their key photos of their wedding. Everyone we passed in the city was excited to see the newlyweds strolling through the little town and wished them many blessings. I felt super honored to have escorted them in my own POV to the city and spend some time with them. It is always fun spending some time with the couple I photograph because it helps me get to know them a little better. It was a rather hot summer day but we made it through the summer heat in just enough time for them to enjoy the rest of their evening before the sun had even set. I wish Keeyana and Rolando many blessings and happiness for the rest of their lives!


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