Amazing Natural Labor and Cesarean Birth


Amazing Natural Labor and Cesarean Birth.

This is an Amazing Natural Labor and Cesarean Birth at heart 2 heart birth center in Sanford FL. I can not get over what an amazing experience this was. I have known the mother Taylor personally and was so excited when I found out she was expecting. Especially an October baby. I mean who doesn’t love the month of October? My son was born on October 31st so that month holds all sorts of feels for me. Baby Curtis was certainly not on time and kept us waiting almost 10 days past his due date. I got the call at 4am, which I was excited to be experiencing a live birth again. I hardly photograph births because it is a demanding field. One must specialize in just birth photography in order to stay consistently booked. When I arrived at heart 2 heart birth center it was so clear that she was finally in serious labor and it was going to happen very soon. However I did not know, was that this baby boy was measuring at almost 10 pounds. As you can imagine, it was a long day and night for mama Taylor.

It was a magical and emotional time. 

I can’t express into words how overwhelming it is to be in the room with a woman in labor. I know from my own experience that it is some sort of earth shaking heightened senses sort of phenomena. I mean that really doesn’t even explain it really but you get my drift. After almost 12 hours of intense labor, both parents were so exhausted. I was so heartfelt watching the agony and exhaustion in Taylor’s face as she knew he was so close to making his entrance yet he wasn’t quite there. His size was a huge factor and naturally the midwives made the decision to transfer to the nearest hospital to have the Doctors take over. After so many hours of labor after ones water breaks, it can be quite dangerous for the mother and baby to go beyond a certain point. This mama was such a warrior. I can not imagine the feels of trying to push a 10 pound baby out and to still be as coherent as she was. Taylor was so thoughtful during her to labor to make sure that I eat something. Oh mama! Eventually baby Curtis was delivered by cesarean and he is all the perfect baby smooshiness you can imagine. I was so thrilled to have been a part of this amazing journey for this new family and I wish them so much happiness and love. Congratulations you guys!

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  • Tara Haywood
    November 9, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    So beautiful

  • Aunt Sherri
    November 10, 2018 at 12:50 am

    Memories never to be lost on such a momentous occasion. Thanks for sharing