About Me

Hey there, if you are reading this then you must be curious about who I am. I have specialized in Weddings, events, portraits, fine arts, and more since 2010. I think it all started somewhere when I was a kid with a camera though…I loved riding my bicycle to the nearest Eckerds (my heart smiles if you remember those) to get my film developed and thinking how it felt like Christmas every time. I have a soft spot for wanting to know all about those who have a story to tell and how it all became.

I received a BA in photography at UCF (Southeast Center for Photographic Studies) and I have worked alongside some amazing photographers! Before that, I worked on my degree in business management. The places I have been all over the world have given me a desire for understanding the unknown. I have been fortunate enough to have served in the military alongside some amazing people in war. When it comes to what I like to photograph, I love candid and moody moments. I have a soft spot for light fractures and cinematic-like pictures. So if you’re ready for your life to change and you’re up for an amazing adventure of a lifetime, let’s connect and make some keepsake memories! I can’t wait to get to know more about you.

“only you can see the world like you do